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We have been developing and manufacturing all products for you with love for herbs since 2000. We are continuing our lifelong research by world-renowned scientist Albert Y. Leung Ph.D.

We are based on Traditional Chinese Medicine

The primary difference between modern medicine and traditional Chinese medicine is aptly expressed by the following words: „While modern medicine treats symptoms of diseases, traditional Chinese medicine focuses on maintaining health!“
They say that history is the teacher of wisdom. We need to respect that which has been here for thousands of years, the cradle of medicine. According to traditional Chinese medicine, the life force or energy flowing through our body is called Qi. Traditional Chinese medicine is based on a simple rule: the body is healthy if the YIN and YANG energies are in balance.

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We can help you with cleansing, balance, immunity and vitality, and we’ll protect you from diseases

We know how Chinese herbs work. We know the most common causes of health issues in today’s civilisation. These mostly involve low immunity, inflammations in the body, poor diet, poor breathing, smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, overuse of medicines. Often these are not specific illnesses, but rather imbalances within the organism.

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Our phytotherapists, physiotherapists and doctors will advise you what to do. We call all new customers and provide consultation on their problems

Our team of specialists know how to help determining diagnoses for health issues. We know from practice it is important to have a number of perspectives: the view of modern medicine (doctors), the view of traditional medicine (TCM specialists), the view of physiotherapists, the view of healers. Our art is in endeavouring to analyse all these perspectives and only then proposing a solution.  

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We produce patented technology and guarantee the composition of our treatments

We have undertaken extensive research into mainly Chinese herbs. We have a patented complete system for quality control called Phyto True® technology. This means you can be assured of the high and consistent quality of Chinese herbs purchased from us, and so of our products. Our production procedure has been termed unique by global experts, and it has been patented since 2018. Since July 2018, we have held a European patent which declared we do it differently and better than others.

How our products are made.     Phyto-True Technology


Our products are made from top class herbs

Thanks to Phyto True technology, we are able to use only high quality herbs in our production, meaning are products display above-average performance. Our herbs are picked at traditional sites, are processed in a traditional manner, and we undertake control measurements in China and the Czech Republic.

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Zkušenosti zákazníků

Only 1/3 bottle of PhytoChi finished and my vitality improved, I have more energy and I feel good even with lack of sleep. I feel calmer and well balanced. I can say that my immune system improved, and I resist colds and flu better. I expected that PhytoChi would help with skin problems on my hands. Unfortunately, after 3 months of usage I have not noticed any improvement.

Aneta L.

PhytoChi is considered to be food supplement and for me it really heals. I have been giving PhytoChi to my daughter that suffered of heavy migraines and since using it, migraines eased off. People that suffer migraines can understand what a relieve it can be not having this pain that often. Thank you and I hope that PhytoChi would help to many other people.


Even animals use our products

Not only people can use our herbal treatments, but also pets suffering from inflammations, viruses or other health issues. Over the past 10 years, we have been working with Hodonín Zoo and Olomouc Zoo, as well as a number of animal shelters and vets.  

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Our products have quality certificates from American and European authorities

Since 2000, Phyto CZ has completed the registration process for its products even beyond European Union countries, where we hold a safety certificate. We currently export to 16 countries around the world, with the registration import process having been undertaken or being undertaken in a number of countries. Our company owns nine trademarks, and one patent valid across the European Union and selected countries around the world.

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Do not you feel sick? or have immune problems? Do you have health problems, limit your illness at work and in your life?

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