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Dear customer, welcome to the Loyalty Discount Program´s of Phyto CZ, s.r.o. , used by thousands of customers around the world.  Loyalty programs are clasified by type of discount offered as:

Loyalty Discount Program for customer

Distributors´ Discount Program



Loyalty Discount Program for customer


Loyalty discount program for customer (hereinafter “LDP”) Phyto CZ, s.r.o. is used by thousands of satisfied customers not just in the Czech Republic, but in other European countries and around the world. We appreciate every customer, so we would like to inform you how our LDP works:

If you register for the LDP, from that moment onwards all your purchases in our eshop are added to your account in the LDP. For each 1 € (1$) you spend on goods (not including postage) in our eshop, you get 1 point. Once you reach the threshold of 96,53 € (points) or $112,61 (points), you are entitled to a discount of 5 % off your purchase. The more you buy, the greater the discount you get. The table of discounts is shown below.
Don’t want to wait for your account to accumulate 96,53 points (when you pay in €) or 112,61 (for customer outside EU which pay in $) but want your discount immediately? We can do that too. If you purchase the PhytoChi Starter Package (in liquid or tablet form) for 76,67 € ($78,50), you’ll immediately become an LDP member and you’ll immediately get a 5% discount on all subsequent purchases. Again, the level of discount will depend on the points you have accumulated on your LDP account.
You can check the number of points in your LDP after logging into your account in our eshop. The points in your LDP account increase (accumulate) with each purchase, and will not go down or be taken away. Your points cannot be used to pay for goods; they serve only to indicate the level of discount you are entitled to. In order for the points for your purchase to be correctly credited, you need to log in to your LDP prior to each purchase using your e-mail address and the password you created upon registration.


Table of discounts

discount fromto
5%$112,61 *96,53 € **$47,38640,61€
10%$747,39640,62 €$2.064,131 769,26 €
15%$2.064,141 769,27 €$6 216,246 216,24 €
20%$7.252,306 216,25 €and moreand more

*)  or purchasing the Starting Package for $78,50
**) or purchasing the Starting Package for 76,67 €


If you have any queries, please contact us at phyto@phyto.cz or by calling +420 582 334 321. We will be happy to respond to all your queries as soon as we are able.




Distributors´ Discount Program


Dear customer, distributor or our products. Our loyalty discount system takes account of you too. If you purchase our products for yourself and your family and you want to promote them further amongst your family and acquaintances, we have a Distributors’ discount system (hereinafter “DDP”) which we here present:
It is easy to join the DDP by purchasing a Starter herbal cure (liquid or tablet form) and when registering enter the personal number of your sponsor. Your sponsor is the person who introduced you to our products and explained the system of purchase, sale and reward to you. If you do not know this number or you do not have a sponsor, write in the number 510000 and we will contact you and explain everything to you. Once you have registered, you will receive your personal number and password from us by email (you can change the password) for accessing the distributor section.
For each additional purchase from our eshop, we add credits to your DDP to the following values:


productpoints awarded
PhytoChi (liquid or tablets)1,00 point
PhytoChík0,62 points
PhytoChi spray0,1 points
Loquat syrup0 points (not included in DDP)
Gan Mao Ling0 points (not included in DDP)

Our information system monitors and calculates financial rewards each month in accordance with sales achieved from current purchases made by both you and users who have joined our discount system on the basis of your recommendation. The amount of your reward each month is published each month on your DDP account in the form of a provisional report, and this is paid out by the 20th day of the subsequent month.


Table of comission

PositionPosition comission % from purchaseCumulated turnover in points *Cumulated turnover in € or $(GST excl.) to reach position **
I6%0 - 21Starting Package
II12%22 - 58550 € ($641)
III18%59 - 2031.475 € ($1.721)
IV24%204 - 5825.100 € ($5.950)
V30%583 - 174614.575 € ($17.004)
VI35%1747 - 655043.675 € ($50.954)
VII40%6551 and more163.775 € ($191.071) and more

*  See table of points awarded for individual products.
** Sales in € or $ (not including VAT) are added up over your whole sales career.


Also included in your sales are the sales of all your users who have purchased a Starter herbal cure or other provisional goods on the basis of your recommendation. In this way, you can quickly move up to higher positions. If you want to make a purchase in a specific month and acquire further discounts in the DDP, all you need to do is ensure your purchase achieves a value of at least 2 points – valid for users in positions I or II. For users in positions III – VII, the purchase must reach at least 6 points in a particular calendar month (of which at least 2 points must be your own and 4 from your network). That’s ALL! It is plain and simple.

If you have any queries, please contact us at phyto@phyto.cz or by calling +420 582 334 321. We will be happy to respond to all your queries as soon as we are able.

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