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Since 2000, our first product, PhytoChi, has been manufactured in United States at Phyto Technologies company in Woodbine town, Iowa.

Since 2000, our first product, PhytoChi, has been manufactured at Phyto Technologies in Woodbine, Iowa. In May 2011 Phyto CZ, s.r.o. agreed with the manufacturer, Albert Y. Leung, on the production of PhytoChi for the European market in the Czech Republic. This production in the Czech Republic started in October 2011 and is in line with GMP. Since January 2012, our PhytoChi has also been produced in tablet form. Phyto CZ, s.r.o. expanded its portfolio in 2013 to include other products entitled PhytoChik, in 2016 other two products were launched - PhytoNaDraka and PhytoKudzu. Another product - PhytoChi spray was introduced in 2019.

We use only the best herbal extracts of highest quality to make all our Phyto products. The herbal quality is our priority and therefore under supervision of Dr. Albert Y. Leung we carefully select and control all herbal extracts that are used in our products.Input ingredients are controlled using QA/QC procedures that are part of the Phyto True™ technology. In addition, some herbs are specially processed so that they contain an optimal amount of active substances.

Herbs are tested in Phyto Technologies laboratories and other laboratories in China, and the Czech Republic. These laboratories collaborate on the research of Chinese herbs involving the Phyto True™ technology.

Thanks to our patented Phyto-TrueTM technology, we use standards for Chinese herbs called PTRMTM (also referred to as RBRMTM -representative botanical reference/research material) in our production. These standards enable us to guarantee the traditional safety and efficiency of the Chinese herbs used in our products. This allows us to provide the end user with a high added economic value for their investment in our products. Our unique analytical fingerprint for each our product is a guarantee big quality and still same amount of active ingredients in our products.

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