Traditional Chinese medicine and herbal blends

The primary difference between modern medicine and traditional Chinese medicine is aptly expressed by the following words: “While modern medicine treats symptoms of diseases, traditional Chinese medicine focuses on maintaining health!” They say that history is the teacher of wisdom. We need to respect that which has been here for thousands of years, the cradle of medicine. According to traditional Chinese medicine, the life force or energy flowing through our body is called Qi. Traditional Chinese medicine is based on a simple rule: the body is healthy if the YIN and YANG energies are in balance.

According to Eastern philosophy, everything that exists can be assigned to either of the two opposite but complementary principles – energy flows – YIN, or “the dark side of the mountain”, and YANG, or “the bright side of the mountain” (YIN is guarded by a white tiger, YANG by a green dragon). A Chinese Taoist sees YIN as the more submissive, passive and perceptive female perspective of the world, and YANG as the more active, penetrating, dominant male perspective. The human body is healthy if these energies are balanced. If this balance gets disturbed, health problems occur. Tonics contained in genuine Chinese herbs have a significant influence on achieving and maintaining this balance. Tonics in Chinese herbs will not alleviate your pain so quickly and immediately as steroid medicines; however, they do so slowly and in a different way, still unknown for many people.

Quality herbal blends which contain tonics and follow the principles of traditional Chinese medicine act similarly to vitamins and minerals – they work slowly and normalize the functions of your organism. They maintain the YIN/YANG balance, thereby maintaining your health. And what is most important? They have no side effects and therefore do not cause any other health problems like most modern medicines and many herbs used in Western countries, intended for short-term treatment of a particular disease. In addition, these quality Chinese herbal blends have been safely used for more than 3,000 years as real nutritional supplements. On the other hand, many medicines developed for the treatment of particular diseases have not been proven by long-time use in this way. Especially if they are used in a purely chemical form, deprived of the characteristics of the original herbs from which they were prepared.

Do not you feel sick? or have immune problems? Do you have health problems, limit your illness at work and in your life?

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