PhytoChi’s uniqueness; why buy it; what are its effects

 At the beginning, PhytoChi® rids the organism of toxic substances and metabolites that have been accumulating in the body for years, and which the organism is no longer able to get rid of without external help. The accumulation of undesirable substances may impact the immune system, is a possible source of excessive irritation, causes increased tiredness and irritability, and is the source of many other undesirable physiological symptoms. One is more susceptible to adverse environmental influences and attacks of stress..

PhytoChi® will not only rid you of harmful toxic substances, but also supply you with a number of minerals, trace elements and valuable enzymes in a natural form. PhytoChi® has strong antioxidant characteristics and beneficial effects – optimal functioning of the immune system, a favourable effect on blood pressure (helps reduce the level of cholesterol), and a beneficial effect on blood sugar level. It also supports correct liver activity and helps improve memory.

It has a positive effect on the skin, digestion, gallbladder, pancreas and joints. When regularly used over the long term, it begins to align natural physiological functions and helps increase the good shape of your body, and you will feel better and “stronger”.

PhytoChi® is based on the principles of traditional Chinese medicine and contains eight crucial herbs of traditional Chinese medicine (phytotherapy). For thousands of years, Chinese herbs have brought to people:

immunity boost – detoxification – maintaining health and vitality – homeostasis harmonisation

Effects of the PhytoChi® preparation can be classified as follows: :

  1. It detoxifies your organism, ridding your body of toxins – has strong antioxidant effects
  2. Adjusts existing physiological imbalances (balances YIN and YANG in the body and keep human body homoios)
  3. Helps maintain good conditioning and vitality
  4. Supplies your body with natural minerals, trace elements and enzymes necessary for its correct and imunity boost 5. Traditional Chinese herbs used in the PhytoChi® preparation have long been known to have pharmacological effects

Do not you feel sick? or have immune problems? Do you have health problems, limit your illness at work and in your life?

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