PhytoChi real energy from herbs following the principles of traditional Chinese medicine

immunity boost – detoxification – maintaining health and vitality – homeostasis harmonisation

PhytoChi is based on the principles of traditional Chinese medicine and contains eight crucial herbs of traditional Chinese medicine (phytotherapy). To the best of our knowledge, PhytoChi is the first herbal blend in the world to have a reproducible composition in every bottle. Using the Phyto-True™ technology, the Chinese herb standards PTRM™ are applied in production. PhytoChi production combines traditional Chinese wisdom with the modern, scientifically documented technology, Phyto-True™. The choice of herbs is not random but based on the long-term research and extensive traditional knowledge and experience acquired by the author, Dr. Leung, throughout his life.

The author was able to enhance the beneficial effects of herbs on our body, while eliminating the side and adverse effects produced by almost every herb when used separately. The result is better than a mere sum of each herb’s effects. The final effects on health are thus multiplied. This is called synergy. Physicists and mathematicians express this process by the equation: 1+1=3

This equation can also be expressed as follows: antioxidant characteristics + tonic characteristics = (thanks to the Phyto-True™ technology) „3“

Do not you feel sick? or have immune problems? Do you have health problems, limit your illness at work and in your life?

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