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Dear PhytoChi users, fans and distributors,

We would like to share excellent news with you. Our company Phyto CZ, together with Dr Albert Y. Leung, was granted European patent on Phyto True Technology on 4th July 2018.

Patent was granted on manufacturing standards of Chinese herbs with highest quality and effectiveness in accordance with Traditional Chinese medicine. Dr Albert Y. Leung‘s research within this field was awarded with above mentioned patent No. 2185167 after 10 years of negotiations with European Patent Office. We are proud to announce that all the opponents from professional public labelled our Chinese herbs‘ manufacturing  process „Phyto True Technology“ as unique. Being granted by European patent shows that quality of our herbal products is of very high standard and has not changed since year 2000.  We manufacture fair product and we do it different from other manufacturers. Therefore, our long-term effort has been recognized by European patent.

We wish all of you good health with our high quality unique herbal products.

Do not you feel sick? or have immune problems? Do you have health problems, limit your illness at work and in your life?

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