Organism detoxification

Organism detoxification, or cleansing of the body, is a core preventive and treatment method, and not just in Chinese medicine.

The purpose of organism detoxification is to purge dead cells, tissues and toxins from the body, which collect within the organism. Our cells are regularly renewed over the course of our life. New cells replace old ones and dying ones. Detoxification doesn’t just eliminate dead cells, but also poisons (toxins). Toxins are poisons, metabolites, free radicals acquired from the air, food and drink which collect in the body over many years. Adult bodies may contain up to 2kg of these toxins. With levels like this, the organism is no longer able to remove the toxins without external help. Accumulation of toxins is responsible for over 60 undesirable health phenomena, from premature ageing and cancer to various cardiovascular diseases, causes tissue irritation, reduces the body’s defences, reduces immunity and causes illness.

TToxins accumulate in our body as the result of a sedentary lifestyle, consumption of food often containing high amounts of animal proteins, refined sugars, colours, preservatives, hormones and antibiotics. Toxins and free radicals are also found in our water and air (exhaust fumes, smog). Our body needs ANTIOXIDANTS in order to neutralise free radicals, which it obtains partly from our diet, but unfortunately this is often insufficient. As such, the body needs to be supplied with antioxidants through food supplements, which should of course be natural in origin, not chemical.


What gives PhytoChi and PhytoChík its detoxifying effects?

When you begin taking PhytoChi and PhytoChík, the organism purges toxins – ORGANISM DETOXIFICATION. PhytoChi and PhytoChík contain 16 herbs, 7 of which are described in Traditional Chinese Medicine as ANTIOXIDANTS, and 12 of which have demonstrable detoxifying effects. The recipe for both these products significantly boosts the detoxifying and antioxidising effects of the herbs chosen compared to using the herbs separately. Furthermore, all the herbs in both products are of excellent quality thanks to the patented Phyto True technology.

Why try out Phyto products?

  • We do it other way, we have a patent for it
  • We produce by a patented technology and guarantee the contents
  • We build upon the Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • We will help you with purification, balance of the organism, immunity, vitality and will protect you from diseases
  • Our physiotherapists and doctors will advice you how to. We make a call with every new customer and advice him/her with his/her problems
  • All our products we produce from the first-class herbs
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Do not you feel sick? or have immune problems? Do you have health problems, limit your illness at work and in your life?

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