Job`s tears fulfills all the main functions in PhytoChi

In China, Job's tears is used both as a medicine and as everyday food (especially as semolina). Job's tears grains are also called "Chinese beads" or "Chinese pearl barley".

The most common use of Job's tears is for painful joints and for rheumatic problems. It gives relief from joint pain; it reduces swelling and septic wounds.It is an antioxidant and it is used as a general tonic in TCM.

Mature grains are known for its ability to enhance spleen, to spread heat, diuretic abilities and much more. It has a healing effect in case of warts appearance, diarrhoea, appendicitis or intestinal catarrh.

Hard seeds are used to make decorative items, bracelets and chains, and even for rosaries in Christian areas.

In our products, the Job's tears fulfil three main functions.. It belongs to 12 herbs that cleanse body tissues and cells from toxins. Furthermore, it is one of 9 herbs that simultaneously heals inflammation. Therefore, it significantly contributes to strengthening the immune system and restoring the body's self-regulating functions. Last but not least, it is one of 8 tonic herbs that maintain JIN / YANG balance and at the same time strengthen body by providing it with energy.

Do not you feel sick? or have immune problems? Do you have health problems, limit your illness at work and in your life?

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