Effects of traditional Chinese herbs can be scientifically proven

Internationally published specialized articles and available laboratory analyses show that PhytoChi® differs significantly from other herbal mixtures on the market. Thanks to the Phyto-True™ technology, every bottle is guaranteed to have the same contents and high quality ingredients (the high quality of the included herbs is supported by PTRM™ standards).

In view of these facts, Phyto CZ, s.r.o. wants to set itself apart from other producers and sellers in the Czech Republic with another fact which is important for consumers. This is the execution of a clinical trial – an evidence-based medicine project. Through this project, Phyto CZ, together with the US manufacturer Phyto-Technologies Inc., wants to prove that PhytoChi® has beneficial effects on human health, using a sample of 150 PhytoChi® consumers. The clinical report, including complete documentation, is ready. The implementation depends on the financial situation, political developments and healthcare priorities (support for traditional Chinese medicine).

The objectives of the clinical study follow twelve years of experience using the preparation, and hundreds of years of experience with the effects of the included traditional Chinese herbs (link to scientific literature).

The goal of the clinical study is to prove the effects of PhytoChi on:

  1. metabolic disorders, particularly on decreasing cholesterol and sugar levels (measurements of selected blood biochemicals before, during and four months after using PhytoChi®)
  2. the immune system
  3. mental state and performance
  4. users’ overall health

The clinical study team includes Dr. Leung and specialists from Czech universities, healthcare facilities and government institutions, as well as representatives of a health insurance company.

Do not you feel sick? or have immune problems? Do you have health problems, limit your illness at work and in your life?

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