Detoxification and Chinese herbs

Throughout our life, we take in a great amount of toxic substances that significantly influence our immune system. These free radicals (poisons, metabolites) accumulate in the body during our entire life. Free radicals are molecules, atoms and ions that are very reactive, volatile, and therefore very harmful. They are to blame for more than 60 health conditions, from premature ageing, through cancer, to various cardiovascular diseases. An adult body is choked with up to 2 kg of toxins! The organism is no longer able to remove these harmful substances without external help. The accumulation of toxins impairs immunity and causes tissue irritation, diseases and premature ageing..

Toxins get into the body both externally and internally:

1. Externally, nitrogen oxides in automobile and industrial emissions are the greatest source of free radicals. Other sources of toxins include cigarettes, food – particularly preservatives – and medicinal drugs.

2. Internally, free radicals form during metabolic processes in the body and through the biochemical action of bacteria.

To neutralize free radicals, our body needs ANTIOXIDANTS, which we partially get with food, but this is often insufficient, unfortunately. This is why we need to provide our body with antioxidants through dietary supplements. Of course, these should be of non-chemical and natural origin, preferably herbs. Antioxidants provide much-needed detoxification – an immune system boost. Major antioxidants include substances found in Chinese herbs. The most important detoxifying herbs include: Schisandra chinensis (five flavour berry), liquorice, goji berry, turmeric, as well as knotweed, aloe vera and Cherokee Rose.

Detoxification is a process by which harmful substances deposited in the body (toxins, metabolites) begin to release from tissues (e.g. from joints, skin, stomach walls, intestines and other bodily organs) and gradually wash out from the body through the bloodstream, kidneys – urine, skin – perspiration. Chronic, unhealed centres get activated, and symptoms of old, unhealed conditions may manifest. In this transitory period, we may feel a bit tired, as if the disease were coming back, and we may have higher negative levels in blood or urine. However, this is a positive occurrence, leading to the elimination of chronic centres and showing the efficiency of the herbal preparation. The duration of this process varies from person to person, depending on the extent and intensity of our health problems – from several days to several weeks.

Do not you feel sick? or have immune problems? Do you have health problems, limit your illness at work and in your life?

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