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According to traditional Chinese medicine, the life force, or energy, which flows through our body is called Qi.

According to Eastern philosophy, everything that exists incorporates two opposing, yet mutually complementary principles – the flow of energies - YIN or “dark side of the hill” and JYANG or “light side of a hill” (YIN is watched over by a white tiger, and YANG is watched over by a green dragon). Chinese Taoists perceive YIN as a more submissive, more passive, perceptive female view of the world, and they see YANG as a more active, more penetrating and dominant male view of the world. They see a balance between these two principles as the core requirement for all aspects of life to run in harmony. It is very similar to the co-habilitation of a woman and man. If they live separately, they do not live full lives. Together, they form a unit which approximates perfection when it works. But because we are individuals with our own problems, it is hard to maintain a balance. Both need to work, discuss and value each other. In a nutshell, strike a balance.

The “Taichi” symbol of highest principle shows two identical shapes within a circle, with the dark shape representing YIN and the light YANG. The small opposing coloured circles express the principle that nothing is just one thing or just the other. It is appropriate, then, for principles to always complement each other.

The symbol shows that there is no exact point of balance between two principles; that the ideal balance is constantly changing and we must continually strive to achieve balance. Because as soon as one principle (one type of energy) dominates for a longer period of time, an imbalance occurs which causes mental and physical disorders (weakness, lack of energy, joint pain, high blood pressure, lowered immunity, colds, inflammations and many other illnesses). Both these principles mingle in each of us, or rather two types of energy act within us, but at proportions.

Although YIN is called the female principle, and YANG the male principle, this does not mean that women have the properties and values of YIN, and men YANG. Rather we can determine to what proportion they are contained in each of us and what we are lacking in order to achieve a state of balance.

Some principle properties and values:

Female perspectiveMale perspective
Small intestineHeart
Gall bladderLiver
Large intestineLungs


PhytoChi and PhytoChík are based on Traditional Chinese Medicine meaning they have effects based on the YIN / YANG principle?

PhytoChi and PhytoChík (which also contains minerals and vitamins) contain 16 mainly Chinese herbs. All these herbs are picked using traditional methods at traditional sites in China. Extracts are produced again in a traditional way based on the knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The entire process is strictly controlled in laboratories in China, with random control in the Czech Republic too. This approach (now patented by our company) guarantees the traditional effects of all our herbs and a constant quality, ensuring the safety of the herbs used. The composition of both products is chosen so that the active ingredients of each of the herbs secure and establish YIN and YANG in the body. When the body is in balance, it is healthy and resistant to illness such as general weakness, lack of energy, joint pain, high blood pressure, lowered immunity, colds, inflammations and other illnesses.

Long-term use of PhytoChi or PhytoChík acts to regulate your body – it continuously returns your body to a YIN / YANG balance (maintaining homeostasis). PhytoChi and PhytoChík keep your body in good health.

The author of our herbal recipes is globally renowned expert in Chinese herbs and herb mixes Dr Albert Y Leung, who selected the herbs and defined their method of processing (today patented as Phyto True technology).

Why try out Phyto products?

  • We do it other way, we have a patent for it
  • We produce by a patented technology and guarantee the contents
  • We build upon the Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • We will help you with purification, balance of the organism, immunity, vitality and will protect you from diseases
  • Our physiotherapists and doctors will advice you how to. We make a call with every new customer and advice him/her with his/her problems
  • All our products we produce from the first-class herbs
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