Hoarseness occurs in all inflammatory changes to mucous membranes in the respiratory zone, in particular in issues with the trachea or bronchus, and accompanies various disorders of the respiratory tract.

A hoarse voice (Lat. rhonchi) is the name for marked sounds produced when breathing mainly by the air passing through encountering a tighter area of irregular mucous membrane surface. This is usually formed by deposits of mucus which usually come off the mucous membrane and result in crackling, rattling and unusual sounds.  


What makes Loquat syrup suitable for a hoarse voice?

The popular loquat syrup has a beneficial impact on hoarse voices. It contains 7 Chinese herbs, with the main ingredient being Loquat. Its pleasant flavour makes it particularly suitable for children, but it is also for adults. Loquat leaves are one of the most well-known natural products used for coughs. The syrup is made using an ancient folk recipe.

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