Dry cough

A cough (Latin tussis) is an abrupt and generally loud breathing movement.

Coughing (expectoration) is a protective reflex which helps to clear the respiratory tract of mucus and any other foreign bodies which block or irritate the respiratory tract. A cough is generally caused by chemical or mechanical irritation of receptors on the mucous membrane. Coughing begins with a brief inhalation, followed by a large exhalation.

A cough can be the result of a large number of causes. These include bronchial asthma, oesophageal reflux and chronic infection of the sinuses and nasopharynx. However, there is a much broader list of possible causes

A common cough lasts an average of 18 days (sometimes up to 4 weeks) and usually does not improve any earlier than after 2 weeks.


What makes Loquat syrup suitable for dry cough?

A dry cough is unproductive but irritating. Our popular Loquat syrup can provide effective help with a dry unproductive cough. It contains 7 Chinese herbs, with the main ingredient being Loquat. Its pleasant flavour makes it particularly suitable for children, but it is also for adults. Loquat leaves are one of the most well-known natural products used for coughs. The syrup is made using an ancient folk recipe.

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